Exclusive Interview with Northern Faces

By Kendra Jones

Northern Faces, opening band for York College of Pennsylvania’s spring concert event hosting X Ambassadors, played songs off of their upcoming album for the very first time live.

The band, originally from New York, consists of members Bryan Shortell, vocals and guitar; Marco Testa, vocals and guitar; and Matt Ippolito, bass. They agreed that their new song “Messing with You” was their favorite one to play off of their new record. One of the band’s favorite parts was watching the mascot, Screamer, dancing to their songs. “He’s like the litmus test,” joked Bryan Shortell, vocals and guitar.

The New York native band thought it was great to play for such a young and excited crowd.

“Fingers Crossed” will be Northern Faces’s second album as a band but the members’ sixth, as they have been playing in other bands together before forming their own.

Northern Faces will be on tour the month of June, and they will follow with the release of their album.

When asked the name, Shortell said that their album will be called “Fingers Crossed.” He smiled and shook his head, realizingĀ that this very moment was the very first time they had told anyone the name of their new album.


Photos by Kendra Jones


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