The Spartan Launches Digital Campaign

By Austin Wolfe

In the coming month, The Spartan Newspaper will launch a new digitally-based campaign. In attempt to expand the reach and relevancy of its journalistic efforts, The Spartan Newspaper will be transitioning its web presence to Medium, an online platform focused on long-form journalistic and creative writing.  

“In today’s fast-paced world, it has become increasingly difficult for news organizations to reach their communities with relevant, up-to-date news and information,” says Spartan Editor-in-Chief Kendra Jones. “Transitioning to Medium will allow The Spartan to reach its community in a modern, meaningful manner.”

Developed by Twitter cofounder Evan Williams in 2012, Medium was created with the goal of providing a new model for online media consumption, one that rejected click-based, consumption-oriented content in favor of quality material. Writing on Medium’s mission, Evans had this to say:

“We believe people who write and share ideas should be rewarded on their ability to enlighten and inform, not simply their ability to attract a few seconds of attention.”

Along with making the transition to Medium, The Spartan Newspaper will also launch a brand new social media campaign via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The campaign will be run on the philosophy of a “hyper-local” reporting.

“The greatest benefit of social media is its ability to share news instantaneously,” says Jones. “With our new campaign, we will be able to provide live news updates to campus sporting, cultural, and organizational events, as well as local community happenings.”

Through the utilization of hashtags, students will receive updates from events in real-time, allowing them to stay informed without sacrificing time out of their schedules.

“York College, and the surrounding community, offers a plethora of engaging activities for students,” says Jones. “Unfortunately, students may not be aware of all that they are offered in our community. The Spartan Newspaper hopes our new digital campaign will address this issue directly.”

The Spartan’s digital campaign will be launched in March. For students interested in updates on the campaign, or becoming a part of the Spartan team, contact Editor-in-Chief Kendra Jones at



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