Student-run retail stand selling York College merchandise opens in Central Market

By Shelly Goodling

York College’s first student-run retail stand, Spartan Central, made their debut at Central Market with a grand opening and ribbon cutting at 4 p.m. Friday, Feb. 3.

Megan Chaney, a sophomore nursing student and one of the students working on the project, said she was shocked to see how many people turned out for the event.

“It was an incredible feeling seeing so many people there to recognize our hard work,” she said.

Spartan Central is an ongoing project undertaken by members of Graham Innovation Scholars, a selective group of students from 20 various majors who work together to develop “entrepreneurial thinking” and learn basic business principles. The group practices innovation skills that can be applied to a diverse range of career goals.

According to Miranda Gajda, a sophomore nursing major on the project’s inventory team, being a part of the group is challenging, but rewarding.

“Being a part of the Graham innovation scholars involves a lot of hard work and self drive,” Gajda said. “You must be willing to put in work to reap the benefits of being a scholar.”

According to Chaney, communication skills have been the most important part of this project, given that there are ten students running the stand, plus faculty advisors.

Though the stand is completely student run, Dominic DelliCarpini, the founding director of Graham Innovation Scholars, has overseen and advised students throughout the process of the project.

“It’s a class project, but there’s something at stake,” said DelliCarpini. “Now their job is to innovate and continue to promote products.”

According to students, DelliCarpini has been an excellent guide.

“I think it is important how he keeps us excited and motivated throughout the process and reminds us that it is a learning experience,” Chaney said.

The new retail stand sells York College merchandise including apparel, mugs and other bookstore items. If customers do not see what they like in the store, they can request specific items to be ordered and pick them up the next week, according to Gajda.

Hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tues., Thurs. and Sat.


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