York College welcomes X Ambassadors to the 2017 spring concert event

By Emily Frye


With spring approaching, March 19, 2017 will mark the Campus Activities Board’s annual spring concert, with this year’s featured artist, X Ambassadors.

A band made up of four members, two who happen to be brothers, Sean and Casey Harris, the band captures the tunes and music of a soulful hip hop, while incorporating lyrics that are meant to touch the emotions of all humanity. Their mission was to never stay small, but rather for the world to hear their voices, loud and clear.

Vice President of the Campus Activities Board (CAB), Alexander Iula, said the process of deciding on the X Ambassadors was one that was filtered through CAB, keeping the “best representation of the students’ interests” at the forefront.

While the deciding factors of choosing who hosts the spring concert hinges around dates and budgets, Iula says that each year they are sure of choosing an up and coming artist. Dates and budgeting become huge factors in the planning process, due to the booking of events at the Grumbacher Center, where the event will be held, as well as planning around touring dates of proposed artists. Working with a third party agent, CAB is able to find an artist that meets both of these factors for dates and budgets.

According to Iula, there is a  “misconception that a lot of people have,” in the sense of who CAB can choose will come to campus. The list is very narrow, due to the considerations CAB must adhere to.

X Ambassadors emerged from a small town in New York. Their latest album, VHS, encompasses a sense of movement, speed, determination, and how to navigate away from heartbreak and constraints of small towns. Throughout the album are pieces of audio from family albums that have been streamed into the songs, in order to create what singer and guitarist, Sam Harris hoped, “…to feel like a movie.”

Pianist Casey Harris, blind from birth, finds his voice through music, not allowing his disability to stop or hinder what he loves. As Sam Harris summarizes the journey of the band and their message, “I wanted to show people who we are — a group of brothers, best friends, and family who’ve been through so much together.”

Planning for the event began in fall 2016, allowing plenty of time to ensure the logistics of the event were all in place. Iula stated that each artist will have a “rider” or a list of specifics, small requests they ask for the event, which CAB is more than happy to provide. All setup work is completed by the students and advisors within CAB.

To show the success of past concert artists, Iula referred to 2015 guest Sam Hunt, who became a huge success shortly after the York College spring concert event. “We would never have been able to afford someone like him, had he been at the level he is at now. After the concert his name just blew up. It was an incredible deal. That’s why we always choose artists who are the big hits.”

“This is going to be an amazing concert for a bargain. Never again will you get this incredible opportunity for a full scale production, full scale concert, for twenty dollars,” said Iula.

The concert will be held at the Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center at 8 p.m. Sun., March 19. Student tickets are $20; general admission tickets are $30 and are available online at ycptickets.com.


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