YCP Finance Club

By Lolly Frames

A trip to New York City’s financial district, a school wide investment challenge with prizes and a movie night are a few of the events that will be sponsored by the YCP Finance Club this year. Last semester, York College finance majors decided to embark on a mission to establish a Finance Club. This semester, the Finance Club is in provisional status, and those same students are working diligently to get it off the ground.

The officers of the club, President Tim DeCoursey, Vice President Amanda Sherry, Treasurer Jake Green, Lead Analyst Derrick Oberdick and Secretary John Gibson, held two interest meetings on Sept. 13 and 15 in the trading lab in the Willman Business Center.

They discussed what the volunteer that works the club intends to do with Junior Achievement, tutoring students in the community and fundraising. Amanda Sherry said, “I am talking to Panera about fundraising for the New York City trip.”

At the meetings they intend to discuss current events affecting the financial world and brainstorm more ways to get involved in the community.

The need for leadership roles in the near future was discussed, since most of the officers will be graduating in the next year, and how just being involved can boost a resume. Students from all majors are encouraged to participate.

Two members of the club must attend two Student Senate meetings a year, while in provisional status, which will end in one year.  The Finance Club meetings will be held on Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m. in the trading lab.


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