YCP Students Test Their Luck at Trip Bingo

By Allyson Lilly

Johnson Dining Hall was packed to the brim as students crowded in, ready to win. On Sept. 9, the campus activities board (CAB) hosted trip bingo, giving away trip-themed prizes to the winner of each game.

Boards were 50 cents each, and students had the opportunity to buy multiple boards to increase their chances. The event consisted of 10 games of bingo, including regular bingo, stand up bingo, four corners and more. For the smaller prizes, students played regular bingo, where only five in a row were needed to win the game.

As the prizes got bigger, the games got trickier. For the unlucky players, there was stand up bingo, which is the opposite of normal bingo. In this game, if the caller says a number on the player’s card, that player is out of the game; the last person standing wins.

The prizes for the games ranged from a $20 gift card to Frank’s Theatres, to the grand prize of two tickets to the York Fair ‘90s concert and a $50 gift certificate to the White Rose Bar and Grill with transportation provided for the night.

For the final game of the night, students played coverall bingo, where players had to cover their entire cards in order to win. The dining hall was silent as students focused on their cards. Slight murmurs rose from the crowd as players got close to winning, and many burst out in disappointment as “Bingo!” was called.

Fortunately for the other players, the first bingo was not good, and the game went on. The room filled with anticipation as each number took players closer to winning, and it was not long before a girl shouted out “Bingo”. As the announcer verified that her card was good, the crowd applauded her win.


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