Student Senate proposes expansion of wet campus policy

By Soala Idasetima |

Student Senate has been working on a proposal for York College of Pennsylvania to become a wet campus since the idea was initiated by the Student Services Committee in the middle of the fall 2015 semester.

The Student Services Committee believes that students over the age of 21 should be allowed to drink on campus, so it did research on various wet campuses around the country.

Joseph Salerno, a sophomore criminal justice major and Student Services Committee chairman, said, “We saw that other schools had wet campuses, and we did research.”

This research led to the examining of the Country Club proposal, which they obtained from Dean of Affairs Joseph Merkle.

The Country Club proposal became the model for Student Senate’s proposal, seeing how Country Club became a wet residential area on campus in 2009.

“We drafted our proposal based on the Country Club proposal,” said Salerno.

After finishing the proposal, the Student Services Committee got the approval of Student Senate to move forward. Members met with President Dr. Pamela Gunter-Smith and director of residence life, Robbie Bacon. Gunter-Smith gave the committee feedback and asked them to perform more research before meeting again.

Salerno identified four benefits for York College to become a wet campus. “Our proposal will promote a safer drinking environment, give students of age the opportunity to drink while living on campus, expand policies regarding alcohol possession to other upperclassmen residential complexes and potentially increase the number of students living on campus.”

The proposal includes plans to expand to the following four upperclassmen dorms: Brockie, Richland, Tyler Run, and possibly, Susquehanna. Susquehanna is a bit of a troublesome location,because it is near freshmen dorms.

Salerno believes that this proposal will generate positive student feedback.

“[The proposal] will allow 21-year- olds to be safe on campus. Most of them have to drink off campus, which is unsafe. On campus, we have campus safety. So, we’re giving students opportunities they wouldn’t get elsewhere.”Gunter-Smith and the Board of Trustees will both have the final say as to whether this proposal is accepted.

Featured image: fragment of Drinking Bacchus, by Guido Reni


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