Student Senate Executive Board and General Members Elected

By Sarah Rifield, Andrey Romanov |

April 8 ended the election for the next year’s Executive Board of Student Senate. The elections were in process from April 5 to 8. According to 2015-2016 Student Senate President Jason Keller, the total fifteen candidates running was record breaking. Elections concluded with a renewed enthusiasm in the electoral process, record-high voter turnout of 1,015 according to Student Senate, and a list of those who will fill the E-Board positions in 2016-2017.

The position selections include Abhi Kudaravalli as the president, Thomas Gaudet as the vice-president, Amanda Stagg as the vice-president of organizational development, Alexander Iula as the vice-president of Campus Activities Board, and Joseph Salerno as the treasurer. A word of advice Keller offers to the E-board is to “foster an atmosphere of open communication… if Student Senate can create dialogue within itself and with itself and with the campus community, they can achieve amazing things”. This advice will pair nicely with Abhi Kudaravalli’s leadership style he described to The Spartan in a previous article.

On April 5, Student Senate held a candidates’ debate in Spart’s Den; the debate lasted for over two hours, with the audience members devouring fried chicken and onion rings and the candidates discussing their platforms, ideas, and qualifications. Over sixty people were in attendance.

This debate format differed from past debates. In the past, Keller explains, four primary questions were asked to the candidates, then it was opened up to questions from the audience, as well as a rebuttal portion was added. “ I think this was a great addition to the debates to capture each candidate’s positions and views on issues facing campus.” Keller said.

Keller who will be graduating in May want to work in higher education. “York College has provided me countless opportunities I would not have been provided anywhere else, and as a first generation college student, I want to give back and help provide a positive college experience to others.” Keller said.

After the election was over and winners, after nervously anticipating by many accounts, enjoyed their victory calls from Keller. Who said “Student Senate is in very good hands moving into the next academic year. The executive board has a strong foundation of leadership, and I have no doubt Abhi Kudaravalli will do an excellent job.”

The student body moved to another election: General Senate Election. It concluded on April 15 with six members of each class being elected. They include: Senior Senators: Lucas Dimini, Sarah Young, Ashley McManus, Chantel Vereen, Lauren Enlow; Junior Senators: Megan Burchfield, Daniel Cohn, Ryan Delea, Cody Dooley, Hannah Kart, Mari Taggart; Sophomore Senators: Darryl Andreas, Maura Gallant, Emily Anderson, Allyson Lilly, Zachary Snier, Jessica Yardly.

With the semester coming to a close, the 2016-2017 school year should be off to a great start in the hands of the newly elected Student Senate, with the hope of continuing the record-breaking results.


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