Dear Class of 2016,

By Brittany Sperbeck |

If you’re graduating in May like I am, you are probably feeling a mix of emotions right now, whether it is happiness, nostalgia, nerves or all of the above. We are about to enter the intimidating “real world” as soon as we shake Dr. Gunter-Smith’s hand on stage at graduation.

Four years ago, this seemed like a lifetime away, but now we are just days away from receiving our diplomas and signing the rock. And before I graduate, I want to leave you all with these four

1. It’s fine if you don’t have it all figured out yet. I purposefully chose a broad major, professional writing, because I love writing, and I didn’t know the specific job title I wanted then. I still don’t know the specific job title I want now, but what I do know is that it is all going to work out—all in the right timing. A whole new world of interviews, full-time jobs and “adulting” is waiting for us.

2. Cherish your last few days here. As much as senioritis has affected me this past year, I realized that I need to soak up my time on campus because my time here at York is now coming to an end. It’s important to just slow down and treasure these last days

3. Thank your professors (even the hard ones). They have prepared you for the real world and are willing to help you with anything you need. We are blessed to go to a school where we can form personal connections with our professors, and thanking them for their support over the last four years will go a long way.

4. Take advantage of the college lifestyle. In a couple weeks, most of us will either be job hunting or working full time. We won’t have the ability to watch Netflix in between classes or sleep until noon (if you don’t have morning classes). So go to the Top of the World at midnight just because you can. Go to Fritter Friday. Go to the gym with your friends. Play volleyball all day. Go to the CAB events. But don’t forget to study for finals. You’ll miss it when you’re gone; I know I will.

I have truly loved my time here at YCP. This school has not only prepared me to become a successful, professional employee, but York has also provided me with countless opportunities, memories and friends that I will treasure forever.

Congrats to the class of 2016! We did it!

Featured image: photo by Mike Adams


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