Club Corner: Philosophy Club

By Jay Yeaple |

The student body of York College provides a wide range of clubs encompassing topics in the humanities. One such group, the YCP Philosophy Club, serves as yet another outlet for students to meet others with similar interests. This club was made official during the spring semester of 2015, although its founding members unofficially met to discuss philosophical topics for a year and a half prior to this time.

The mission of the club is to encourage students to be more open-minded and to think critically about what they see in the world, rather than taking things at face value. Looking beyond the surface of a topic and being able to argue a point logically are important ideas that the YCP Philosophy Club strives to reinforce in its members. Topics discussed by the club include, but are not limited to, artificial intelligence, ethics, epistemology, being human, and the philosophies of technology, science, nature, and art.

A number of opportunities are offered to members of the club, such as the ability to travel with a group to various conferences and symposiums that address topics of philosophical debate. Film viewings during club meetings are met with impromptu and informal discussions, and the club members work to create a casual environment in which members can socialize and have a fun time while also practicing philosophy.

When asked about the importance of the club and its role on campus, senior philosophy major and club president McKenzie Raver said, “I think that it is so, so important that students (and everyone, for that matter), learn how to think critically. It allows for more open-mindedness and open discussion among people with very differing views about the world”.

She said, “philosophy not only teaches us how to think critically but to think critically and to question and to be Socratic. The goal of the club is get people thinking and to show them that philosophy is everywhere—not just in an academic setting. That’s what philosophy does”.

Meetings are weekly in Humanities 169, but the dates change.

For more information about the club, contact McKenzie Raver at

Featured image: The School of Athens, by Raphael


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