Alumni reminisce on York College experience

By Sarah Rifield |

From York Collegiate Institute’s founding in 1787, to becoming York Junior College in 1941, to York College of Pennsylvania in 1968, the College has had a rich history. Celebrating its 75th anniversary during the last week of March, the school sponsored a variety of activities including a Founder’s Day Trivia Night, a re-enactment of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal speech, and an Alumni’s lunch.

When speaking to some of these Alumni about their York College experience, three of them stand out as being current YCP faculty.

Kathy Shaw, a 2008 graduate with a bachelor in behavioral science, said, “York College helped me pick the right major for myself.”

Tom LaForgia, a 2008 public relations major, said that he was a different person before he came to York College. When at YCP, LaForgia became heavily involved on campus playing rugby and tennis, working as an ambassador, and he was the president of Phi Sigma Pi. All of these things helped “discover who I was, while in college,” said LaForgia.

Matt Day, a 2002 sports management major and an earner of a Master’s in Education, is currently the associate director of YCP Athletics and Recreation. As he was a baseball player in college, Day said, “the teamwork and leadership that came out of playing baseball was a great thing.”

As these Alumni celebrated the college’s anniversary, they could all agree on two things: the biggest change to York College has been the expansion of West Campus and the biggest challenge facing graduates today is the affordability of a college education.

As York College continues to grow not just in size but in age, current YCP students can look forward to returning to campus as alumni.

Featured image: Reenactors at York College Founders Day exhibit items from the mid twentieth century, photo by Sarah Rifield.


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