Student Senate President’s Open Initiative Makes Room for Big Impact

By Sarah Rifield |

When sitting down to talk with the newly elected Student Senate President- Abhi Kudaravalli, it wasn’t long into our conversation that it became apparent that Student Senate was about to be reformed…

Active in Student Senate for the past three years, Abhi has worked many positions; from general senator to parliamentarian. “Being parliamentarian helped me more than the other two [positions] mostly because I got to work so closely with the constitution. I got to go in-depth. I realized it was outdated and we need to change some things” he said.  

More specifically, the junior biology major wants to shape Student Senate through his leadership.  He wants the students and members of Senate to have their voices heard and have the opportunity to progress their ideas. He won’t be coming into Senate with an agenda, he explains “when a president comes in with a specific target, they can be close-minded because they have a sole objective, meanwhile if there is a much better idea, it gets thrown to the side.”

He has, however, been inspired by former Student Senate presidents, such as David Gonzalez and most recent president Jason Keller.  “I would like to continue what Jason has done, he has done a phenomenal job…I think this has been the most progressive year, and the reason is, I think, Senators are taking the initiative” he said.  

He explains the opportunity for first-year Senators to develop their own projects under Keller’s regime. “Everyone had a stake in it, and if it fell back on them, they have to take the responsibility, but the wonderful thing is, if it did work out- it’s amazing for them to see their project completed.”

Similar to his leadership style, Abhi’s own personal goal while at YCP has a certain level of ambiguity but is still unbelievably genuine. “Coming to college I want to do something that will make a lasting impact. That doesn’t have to be physical- if I can motivate someone or inspire someone to go beyond what they thought they could that’s more than what a new building essentially could do. That’s why I joined Senate.”

He is ready to begin his term – first on his agenda is to brainstorm with his Executive Board on the direction they want to take Senate. “I want to get in the right direction before break, and stay engaged during break, getting ideas, quotes, renovations, so we are ready to get started right off the bat” he says.

He also plans to enact his open communication philosophy by pushing email and portal blasts to inform students “to let them know what we’ve done in the past, present, and future.  You can’t force-feed it, but you can make it more available” he says.

The future medical school student said learning he won the election has “brightened the year that hasn’t even started yet.” And a bright future it will be as Abhi Kudaravalli embarks on his 2016-2017 position as Student Senate President.

Photo credit: Darryl Andreas.


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