Who Will Bring Entertainment to College Next Year?

Candidates for Vice President of Campus Activities Board respond to The Spartan’s questions. All candidates were provided a fair chance to partake in this interview.

Megan Burchfield

HEADSHOTGive a very brief background of yourself:

My name is Megan Burchfield. I am a sophomore International Relations Major from Birmingham, Alabama. I enjoy tater tots, have a passion for traveling, and like to cuddle with my dog, Oliver.

Why are you running for Student Senate? What prompted you to run for the position? What sort of experience or other factors make you qualified?

I am running for the position of VP of CAB because I believe I have the right leadership style that CAB requires. CAB is an organization I have been in since my first week here, at YCP, so I have grown to love it and know it very well. This year, I was on CAB Eboard as the Spart’s Den chair, planning events such as Pinterest Parties, open mic nights and small performers, and as fun as that was I would like to work towards an even greater organization. In addition to being Spart’s Den chair, I have held leadership positions such as being a sophomore senator and an Orientation coordinator. I am used to working with and leading a group. I would just like to contribute as much of myself as I can to this school.

Why should students vote for you?

I look at every situation I am in with a wide view. I factor in how and why it would affect other people and act accordingly. This skill will contribute to helping the entire student body. I am good at getting along with all types of people, and can represent our school with professionalism. I can oversee all of CAB and make sure we produce events that everyone will enjoy.

Alexander Iula

IMG_0830Give a very brief background of yourself:

I am a junior hospitality management major with minors in public relations and hospitality marketing. I am deeply involved with multiple student organizations on campus including the campus activities board, the orientation program and the hospitality society. This will be my third year on CAB and second as an executive chair. I first served as the Spart’s Den chair and am currently serving as the Special Events chair. I am also a second year orientation coordinator for the orientation program, and this is my second year on the executive board of the Hospitality Society, first serving as the treasurer and currently the vice president.

Why are you running for Student Senate? What prompted you to run for the position? What sort of experience or other factors make you qualified?

I am running for Vice President of CAB because it is what I love to do.  I have been a part of this organization since my start here, at York College, and through this group I have grown into the person I am today.  A person with a passion for York College, a student leader with the desire to learn, grow, and teach, and an individual who lives to serve others. I joined the program because it is what I was meant to do. Living a life of service and being able to create unforgettable experience for all to enjoy.  This is exactly what I have been able to accomplish as part of this organization and being able to learn exactly what I will be doing for a career after I graduate. I want to make a lasting impression not only on the student body but those individuals who are active members of the CAB family just as the previous three presidents I had the opportunity to serve under did for me.

I have been taught by incredibly talented and educated professionals in all aspects of the events industry both in and outside of the York College community, I have attended more than 12 leadership conferences all across the U.S., I have planned and executed well over 100 events ranging as little as 10 people to 2,000 people in attendance.

Why should students vote for you?

York College students should vote for me because I have experience, accomplishments, and commitment to the York College community. Students can be assured that I will work diligently and to the best of my abilities to make sure the Campus Activities Board is run to the fullest of its mission and vision, while providing the entertainment that the students want to see executed to make the most of their experience here at York College.

Photos credit: Mike Adams, Brianna Ross.

Note: The Spartan’s Editor-in-Chief Steven Brikowski, who is a candidate for president of Student Senate, did not participate in formulating questions for candidates and did not edit candidate responses.


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