Candidates for Vice President of Student Senate


Candidates for Vice President respond to The Spartan’s questions. All candidates were provided a fair chance to partake in this interview.

Lauren Enlow

lauren dressed upGive a very brief background of yourself:

I am a junior political science major with minors in criminal justice and legal studies. At York College of Pennsylvania I have had the privilege to serve on the Student Senate for two years as a General Senator and as the Academic Affairs Chair. Outside of Senate I am involved with the Pre-Law Society. In my spare time I enjoy playing sports, going to Zumba, and catching up with friends.

Why are you running for Student Senate? What prompted you to run for the position? What sort of experience or other factors make you qualified?

I am running for Student Senate again in general because I love being a part of this organization and giving back to the college in any way that I can no matter where I fall in a position title. My motto is purpose before position. I enjoy working in teams of students to work alongside administration to make differences. I want to run for senate again so I can continue to be an active part of change at this college and continue to follow through on projects started from the year prior. I wanted to run for this position because I feel as Vice President I want to be of assistance to others. By others I mean the senators, students, administration and the chairs. I want to continue to offer suggestions and guide others on their goals in Student Senate. As Vice President I want to be able to open up communication lines more among the students, administration, and senate so that way we can all continue to be on the same team. The experiences that make me qualified for this position are that I am very organized from running the Academic Affairs Committee, focus groups, and a group of students when the school was accredited. I also have established connections throughout my time on senate from deans, administration, students, and professors. I feel that I have opened up communication lines and that we all have worked as a team to accomplish goals.

Why should students vote for you?

Students should vote for me because I try my best to listen to all suggestions from members at York College and to make sure that the students are being represented in every decision made. I am very persistent, dedicated, and know what it takes to not give up easily. Going through challenges myself has made me the person that I am today. If elected Vice President, I know how to take the reins if need be on projects, but I also know how to ask for help if tasks fall behind. I am also committed to making sure that I do the best job I possibly can if voted into this position. I also plan on working on having some form of communication on a bi-weekly basis to all students to know what the senate is up to and to allow them to communicate with us to ask any questions.

Zachary Wallace

zjw headshotGive a very brief background of yourself:

Junior Criminal Justice major with a minor in Intelligence Analysis and one year of experience as a Senator.

Why are you running for Student Senate? What prompted you to run for the position? What sort of experience or other factors make you qualified?

I am running for Vice President of Student Senate because I feel that I bring a perspective that can help Student Senate excel this upcoming year. I have been a senator for one year and I have learned that getting things accomplished is not an easy task. This can lead to the Executive Cabinet, and their committees, to become discouraged. I feel that I can be helpful in motivating these Senators and Cabinet members to work for the students they represent.

I was prompted to run for VP when I brought it up to a few of my friends, who encouraged me that I would be a great leader in the role and be able to handle the new responsibility and stress the position brings with it. Ever since I was voted as one of six junior senators out of the 13 that ran, I started to explore how much of a leader I could actually be, and my experience in Senate as well as President of Kappa Delta Rho has allowed me to realize that potential.

One of my jobs on campus is as an Intramural Supervisor and official. This position has taught me how to react in stressful situations where I had to respond in a split second. I have also held two major positions in Kappa Delta Rho as the New Member Educator and currently as the President. I have gone to two leadership conferences this past semester, one through Kappa Delta Rho and the other a regional conference that I was chosen to go on by YCP.  These conferences taught me that every person needs to be led in different ways, and realizing this and being willing to accept it is a valuable quality for the new Vice President.

Why should students vote for you?

Students at York College of Pennsylvania should vote for me, Zachary Wallace, for Vice President of Student Senate because I have the leadership required to excel at the position. I have proven myself in Greek life, Intramurals, and by being selected as an Orientation Leader. These positions require very different styles of leadership: flexible, stern, and approachable, respectively. As York College’s Student Senate Vice President I can promise to use my skills to serve the student body by motivating Student Senate to be as productive they can be.

Thomas Gaudet

11074437_734093936708191_281644034098142005_nGive a very brief background of yourself:

My name is Thomas Gaudet I am a sophomore International Relations & Political Science major from Fairfield, CT. I’m currently the Student Senate Treasurer and I am in Kappa Delta Phi here on campus.

Why are you running for Student Senate? What prompted you to run for the position? What sort of experience or other factors make you qualified?

Politics had always been something I felt drawn to. I enjoyed the thrill of it all. In the end, it was my AP Government and Politics class that convinced me I wanted to pursue the topic further. People often told me that I should get more involved by supporting changes and becoming a real part of the local governments, but I was never sure. Eventually it became so common that I felt forced to look into it. What I found was there is a very wide range of positions for someone to hold, and so many opportunities that it was almost unbelievable.

When you think about it, it’s truly remarkable how much change one person in a good position can inspire. I would like to be that person – after I’m gone I would like to be remembered for the changes I brought about. This is why I decided to major in International Relations and Political Science.

I wanted to learn the laws and beliefs held by societies and nations all around the world, not just in the U.S. These majors gave me an opportunity to travel and become an advocate for those less fortunate than me.

I would like to continue to help people by becoming Student Senate Vice President, and I believe my qualifications speak for themselves.

In my hometown I was president of the Town Youth Council. We were responsible for planning community events, and just giving back in general. This taught me much of what I know about budgeting and work ethic, as well as leadership.

Here at YCP I currently reside as the Student Senate Treasurer and the Fundraising Chair of Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity. I have to date managed a budget of over $500,000 for more than 115 clubs, sat on the Student Welfare Committee, Special Projects Committee, Operations & Security Committee, and the Budget & Finance Committee, all of which I have lent my utter devotion and mental discipline to.

I know how to lead. I know how to manage, make responsible choices, and act in a way that benefits those around me rather than myself. That’s why I am asking for your vote. I know I can be the Vice President this school deserves. I simply need your support. Together, we can inspire change.

Why should students vote for you?

Students should vote for me because I believe I am the most qualified candidate for this position and I will do a great job at VP. I have been on the Executive Board before and I understand how to run an effective meeting, as well as how the Executive Board is supposed to run. All of my opponents have never been part of Eboard, and one of the main roles of the VP is to make sure that everything is running fine, chair the Executive Cabinet, as well as run an Executive Board meeting or Student Senate meeting if the President is not able to and I have had experience with all of these.

Michael Anderson

12029639_1712122902343303_457782695345855475_oGive a very brief background of yourself:

I am a junior commuter at York College who has served as a General Senator for two years. I am also the founder and current President of the YCP Commuter Club.

Why are you running for Student Senate? What prompted you to run for the position? What sort of experience or other factors make you qualified?

I am running to become the Vice President so that I can make the Student Senate accountable for its actions and to hold it to its responsibility to the students of York College. I feel that this year the Senate lost its main focus and instead worked on projects that were in the interest of the Senate itself and its Senators. I feel that through my leadership skills and experience with setting the agenda for an organization, I can effectively correct the course of the Senate for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Why should students vote for you?

Students should vote for me because I intend to make the Senate an organization that works for them and their organizations once again. I want to make sure that the focus of our organization is improving the college for the students who go there, not just the student senators.

Photo credit: Mike Adams, Sarah Young.

Note: The Spartan’s Editor-in-Chief Steven Brikowski, who is a candidate for president of Student Senate, did not participate in formulating questions for candidates and did not edit candidate responses.


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