Final Candidate Roster

By Andrey Romanov |

As the deadline for candidates to file has passed, we end up with a final list of those running for President, Vice President, Vice President of Organizational Development, Vice President of Campus Activities Board (CAB), and Treasurer.

The highest office for a student to occupy has three candidates running for it: Steven Brikowski, junior Political Science major, Abhi Kudaravalli, junior Biology major, and Ashley McManus, junior Behavioral Science major. Steven, having served as the Parliamentarian, was elected Senator, but resigned to revive The Spartan Newspaper. Abhi is serving as the Parliamentarian currently, having served as the Academic Affairs Chair and a Senator. Ashley is currently serving as the Vice President of Organization Development as well as a Senator.

The count of candidates for Vice-Presidency is considerably higher, including four running for Vice President: Thomas Gaudet, Zach Wallace, Michael Anderson, and Lauren Enlow; two for Vice President of CAB: Megan Burchfield and Alexander Iula; and three for Vice President of Organizational Development: Zach Snier, Amanda Stagg, and Sarah Young. Finally, three students are running for Treasurer: Joseph Salerno, Maura Gallant, and Darryl Andreas.

This year’s election is very different: competition is much higher than in the elections of previous years, but with fierce competition new ideas should spark in great numbers. Take a look at each candidate’s Facebook page, platform, and signs around campus.

The Spartan will be publishing interviews with the presidential candidates, further examining candidates for Vice President, VPOD, Treasurer, and covering the election to encourage a stronger voter turn-out and a more informed electorate.

Stay tuned.


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