Panic! at the Disco set to rock York College

By Kendra Jones

York College will play host to chart-topping band, Panic! at the Disco, as part of their spring concert series on Saturday, April 23.

Panic! at the Disco will be a “good throwback to the early 2000’s,” said Erica Ayd, a junior psychology major. Beyond their original music, including top 10 lead single, “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” and “Nine in the Afternoon”, a song included in Guitar Rock Tour 2 and Rock Band 2, Ayd, who had attended a previous show, said that they also occasionally perform covers such as Bohemian Rhapsody originally performed by Queen.

“Even if you’re not a huge fan of the band, you can still hear songs that you are familiar with and enjoy,” said Ayd.

The band’s first studio album, “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out,” was released in 2005 and was certified double platinum. Panic! at the Disco’s fifth album, Death of a Bachelor, was released worldwide on January 15, 2016.

“Based upon feedback from students about previous concerts and current music trends, we arrived at our choice of Panic! at the Disco,” said Brian Dix, a senior mass communication major, and concert and large-scale events chair on the Campus Activities Board. 

The process of booking an act begins in September of the semester before the event, starting with students filling out a survey to get an idea of where students’ interests lie. Scheduling conflicts often occur, proving as one of the biggest hurdles to get over with scheduling a band.  Dix said that sometimes dates that the college requests do not work with the band and vice versa, but York College was fortunate this year to be able to book Panic! at the Disco.

Moe Devlin, a senior music performance major, has never attended a spring concert before because of lack of interest in previous bands, but regarding this year’s choice she said, “Panic! at the Disco is one of my top bands, so I was pretty ecstatic to hear that they were coming to York College for our spring concert this year.”

Nick Tate, a senior fine art major, believes that Panic! at the Disco will appeal to most people because, in his opinion, it is the biggest act that York College has ever gotten, and it is priced very well. Tate attended the 2015 Mac Miller concert and said that it was put together well.

With all of the parts to an event of this scale, “sometimes it is hard to get all of those pieces moving at once”, said Dix. However, the college and CAB are not strangers to events of this scale and are used to the lengthy planning and set-up process.

As far is cost goes, Ayd, Tate and Devlin all believe that the cost for the event is very affordable. Student’s thoughts on price are taken into consideration as CAB works with Grumbacher staff, administrators, and the artists’ agencies to plan and pay for an event. Ayd said that she has paid double of York’s price to see the band and said that the “price alone is a steal” this year, especially since they have recently dropped a new album and have performed on worldwide and national tours since the pop rock/ alternative rock band’s formation in 2004.

Tate said, “I am extremely happy that a very good band was picked for my last spring concert experience at York”.

Tickets for the event are set to go on sale in early March for $25 for students. Public sales will follow for $35 per ticket.

Featured photograph: by Emma Swann.


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