Club Corner: Spartan Book Club

By Kendra Jones

York College students are cracking open some spines with a newly formed campus club, Spartan Book Club.

President Chantel Vereen set a personal goal to begin a book club while on campus, finding the importance of a book club serving as a hybrid of education and recreation but also being a safe environment for students to talk.

Elena Bittinger, a senior professional writing major said, “SBC is a great place to expand our reading genres, especially in genres that are sometimes overlooked or shielded away, such as romantic and suspense.”

Not only is SBC a place to learn of various books, but it also gives both avid readers and those who are interested in finding some good books a place to meet other readers and make new friends. The goal for SBC is to help students step out of their comfort zones and read things that they would not typically read. Vereen hopes that students will show their passions for various literary works.

Bittinger said that joining a book club can be interesting because every person has different interests and takes on books, and that you will be able to see various views on books that you would not think of yourself.

SBC holds monthly meetings with selected general themes of literature that can be read before each club meeting with that specific theme so that students are not assigned a specific book; instead they can choose any book within the common theme. The following dates and themes have been selected: Feb. 24, fairytale retellings; March 16, beautiful/ugly covers; April 27, book to film adaptation; May 4, to be announced. All meetings are held at 4:30 p.m.

With about 18 students currently on the roster, SBC plans to make trips to local bookstores and potentially to a book convention.

For more information or to join SBC, email or visit

Featured image: adapted from Ginny’s original photograph.


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