For the students, by the students

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By: Kendra Jones

Two York College students plan to release an app that can easily connect students with clubs and organizations on campus March 1.

“It’s everything you care about in one place,” is the pitch that Ellis Dukehart, a junior

entrepreneurship major, and Nick Schultz, a junior marketing major, are making for their new app, “Campus”.  After experiencing problems with branching out, contacting clubs and initially finding out about practices for club lacrosse for which they have participated in since last year, Schultz and Dukehart thought that there had to be an easier way. “We see needs that other people have and want to fill them with some sort of business,” said Dukehart.

Being friends since high school has led these two business-minded individuals to own their own car detailing company. Dukehart also currently assists in the operations of his father’s bakery in New Oxford. “I’ve had the entrepreneurial bug since I was born,” said Dukehart.

When Schultz and Dukehart transferred to York College last year, encouragement from business teacher Michael March helped them to keep up with their idea of creating an app to benefit students and make it more than just an idea. Over the summer they focused down to the minimal viable product, what the core tool for helping people would be, and formed their corporation, Nicellus Inc.

In December, Campus went through the design and coding process by a coder and developer in Norway. The co-founders got feedback from students through surveys, showing that many people were having problems with getting into contact with clubs and organizations.

On Campus all campus events and posts from clubs will be readily available and customizable, like a Twitter or Facebook newsfeed, only showing what clubs and organizations you are following. Incoming students will have a better chance of thriving in the new environment, and existing students can stay up to date with anything happening on campus.

A group messaging feature will be available that can be used to keep current members informed about meetings, practice, and the like.

Anyone with a YCP email will be able to utilize the app for York College clubs and organizations. Campus will also be available for Towson University and McDaniel College students to access information for their organizations with the plan for it to be available for many more colleges in the future.

Campus gives back to clubs and organizations by donating a portion of the money it makes back to the club. Every in-app download (apps that appear in your newsfeed that have been chosen based on what educational and gaming apps are popular) means that $0.50 will be donated to the club that the user is a part of.

If a club has 30 members and each member downloads eight apps through the Campus app in a month, that club will receive $120 for using the app that month.

“Our generation is now full of phone faces,” said Schultz. Having all of the students in one place will allow smaller clubs on campus to have a larger reach.

“There’s people that don’t want to put themselves out there; those are the kind of people we want to reach out to,” said Dukehart.

Schultz said that they are looking for people that are passionate about business and have outside perspectives to contribute to the application. They are also accepting feedback from anyone with ideas of tools to add to the app. “We want clubs to be the pioneers to make it [the app] whatever you want it to be.”

The idea is that everybody deserves an optimal college experience and for everyone to find their place on campus, from which the application’s name stems. While there are other apps out there that try to complete similar goals, they are typically ran by the school; “Campus is for the students, by the students,” said Schultz.

For more information or to provide suggestions for the Campus app, visit or email


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