The York Review staff teams up with CAB for inspiring open mic night

By Soala Idasetima

The York Review staff teamed up with York College’s Campus Activities Board to host open mic night on October 10 in Spart’s Den. The staff figured that hosting such an event would help spread the awareness of the York Review’s upcoming volume.

“We wanted to host an event that would gather interest for the York Review because there hasn’t been enough [interest] in the past,” said Lizz Dawson, a senior professional writing major and soliciting editor of the York Review. In need of a helping hand, Nicole Dufour, a senior professional writing major, and the York Review media director contacted senior nursing major and CAB vice president Kelsey Graver.

“We worked with the York Review to establish a date, time and location for the Open Mic event,” said Graver. “Also, CAB members helped set up the stage and sound system and provided food for audience.” 

The event had a large turnout. Spart’s Den was packed with an audience ready to listen to both the poets and musicians. About 20 performers took the stage. Some were accustomed to the stage while others such as Tom Freed, a senior professional writing major and the York Review design editor, took the stage for the first time.

“I was nervous from shaking,” laughed Freed. “But afterwards, I felt relieved.” 

Although this event was a night of entertainment, the main goal was to encourage submissions. A few students, like senior professional writing major Dani Elizondo, felt compelled to submit afterwards. “Hearing the work and dedication of my peers inspired me,” Elizondo said. “[The event] made [submitting] less scary.”

The staff of the York Review was pleased with the success of the event.

“I was completely blown away by the amount of people that showed up and the amount of people that got on stage and performed,” said Dawson.

The staff plans to host more open mic events in the future due to the success of this first one.“We’re definitely planning on doing more [open mic nights]. We plan to possibly host one in December and definitely another one after the magazine is published,” said Dawson.

Want to submit? Send submissions to

For inquiries, e-mail Kaila Young or Lizz Dawson

For past volumes, contact Travis Kurowski


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