Sociology Class volunteers to help the Community Engagement Project

By Haley Keller

The past few weeks have been spent in preparation, as sociology students began the volunteer process at various locations in York City. Now, these volunteer projects are fully underway, allowing many students to engage in great opportunities.

American Social Problems, taught by Dr. Laura Steck, is a class that explores issues that taint society. In order for her students to really experience some of these issues first hand, Steck integrated the Community Engagement Project into the curriculum.

This project requires at least 10 hours of community service from each student. The community service can take place at a variety of locations around the city, including local elementary schools.

Over the past month, the students have been in contact with different organizations, getting ready to begin their service hours. Along with applications and interviews, the students were also required to participate in fingerprinting and background checks.

Now that these requirements have been completed, the program has officially started. Throughout the course of the semester, the students will work through their 10 hours before writing a final reflection on their experiences.

Steck explained to the class that she chose to team up with the YCP Center for Community Engagement in order to create a more positive connection between York College students and the York City community.

“The community engagement project, guided by the mission and goals of the YCP Center for Community Engagement, is designed to provide students quality, experiential learning opportunities that incorporate critical reflection and an emphasis on social justice,” Steck said.

The YCP Center for Community Engagement focuses on four major goals, including, curriculum development, community partnerships, training and community impact.


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