Manor Complex Welcome Back Party with a Twist

By Joel Roberson
“It was a great learning experience, and a lot of fun,” said Junior Michele Stoltzfus as she left the Manor Complex Welcome Back Party on Friday night.

The Welcome Back Party was an opportunity for students to come out and celebrate being back at school after Fall Break. At the event, there were mocktails, free pizza and, of course, music that had students dancing all evening long.

Students were also encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes. There were many student dressed up for the occasion, one student was dressed as Buzz Lightyear, some dressed up as pirates and there were even a couple of sports stars.

Although the event was all fun and games, it did come with a twist. Halfway through, the students realized that there was more than just the food and drinks at this party.

The organizers planned a learning experience to show the residents what can happen after a night of heavy drinking.

When students arrived at the party, they received leis that had a specific meaning based on the color, and underneath each cup was a sticker that had a specific meaning.

The Emcee told everyone that the party had been busted and proceeded to read off what happened to each of the students based on their colored lei and their sticker color.

The leis represented students who hypothetically had sex with someone, and based on their color they could have gotten pregnant, or even woken up in a bed with someone they didn’t know. The sticker colors related to a specific drinking incident – getting arrested for public intoxication, or even dying in a car accident.

This event was a poignant experience for students because many of them go out and party every weekend. They got to learn about the possible horrors of drinking in a fun atmosphere, as opposed to experiencing it in the real world.


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