Spartan Newspaper set to Release after more than a year out of print

Featured photo: Spartan staffers work on the first print edition of the York College student newspaper last week. The print edition is expected to hit the stands the second week in November.

By Lucas Dimini

The Spartan newspaper, the student-run source of York College news, is expected to hit the stands the second week in November, but many stories are already online at the publication’s website.

With the financial assistance of Student Senate, the staff has been hard at work on the newspaper that has been on an unforeseen hiatus for nearly two years.

“The student newspaper has been out of print for over a year. Senate has helped to fund the resurrection of the paper so that they can have the first release ready on time,” said Sarah Young, Secretary of Student Senate.

The paper will be distributed free all over the York College campus during the second week of November, but students can read stories at of the first time since Spring 2013.

It wasn’t until last spring that Steve Brikowski, a junior political science major, decided to start the paper back up.

From there, Brikowski was appointed the Editor-in-Chief. He has managed to gather an executive board, an editorial board and three advisors.

Marc Charisse, an adjunct professor of communications and one of the advisors, said he is excited to see the revamped paper unfold.

“This isn’t something that came from the faculty, but from students who understand the importance of campus media,” Charisse said. “There’s a great diversity on the staff and it’s a great start, but I think students will need to support this and contribute to it. The goal is to make The Spartan the number-one source of information at York College online and in print.”

The paper will be broken up into sections consisting of news, sports, lifestyle, features and classified . Submissions from students are also welcomed and encouraged.

Send your submission to if you want to have your work featured in The Spartan. For other inquiries, e-mail Steve Brikowski at Check out the online edition of The Spartan at You can also follow The Spartan on Twitter @YCP_spartan for the most up to date news.


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