York students win concert tickets at CAB’s Night Out Bingo

By Haley Keller

Students piled into Johnson Dining Hall last week for a special edition of the Campus Activities Board’s traditional bingo night. The traditional cash prizes turned into raffle tickets. The grand prize included a $50 gift card to White Rose Bar & Grill, a popular restaurant in York City, and two tickets to the Andy Grammer concert at the York Fair the following week. Transportation was included.

After ten rounds of bingo, the winning raffle ticket was announced. “My roommate and I really didn’t think that we were going to win, so when they called the raffle number, we weren’t really paying attention. But when no one else reacted, we decided to actually check our tickets, and it turned out that we won,” prize winner Elizabeth Poole said.

Poole explained that she and her roommate were not huge Andy Grammer fans, so they decided to spend the entire week listening to some of his songs before the concert.

That afternoon, the two got a call from their driver for the night. The driver took them in his black Buick to White Rose Bar & Grill for dinner before picking them up and taking them to the concert.

“We had pit seats so we wanted to get there early in order to be near the front,” Poole said. “We ended up getting there so early that we were actually in the front row.”

Even though Poole and her roommate weren’t too familiar with the musicians prior to the show, she said that they ended up having a great time. “We’ve had the Andy Grammer song, ‘Honey, I’m Good,’ stuck in our heads ever since that night.”


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