The York Review Staff is hard at work on Vol. 22

By Soala Idasetima

The staff of York College’s annual literary magazine, the York Review, has been working on assembling their latest volume.

Since early September, the staff has been busily collecting submissions, designing covers and discussing ideas in order to display the literary and artistic works of York College students.

The York Review’s mission is to promote and reward student creativity in poetry, prose, art, photography, theatre and foster discourse of these mediums both inside and outside of the York College community.

This mission statement was created by the staff and is implemented with the assistance of Faculty Advisor Travis Kurowski. “I simply guide the students and offer any assistance they need to fulfill their own crafted mission,” said Kurowski.

The York Review began in 1974, originally titled Essays, Stories, Poems. Even after 40-year of circulation, the literary magazine did not gain much exposure.

“Many people I’ve talked to, especially in other departments, didn’t know it existed,” said Lizz Dawson, senior professional writing major and soliciting editor for the York Review.

In 2016, The York Review accepts submissions for fiction, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, screenplays, plays, essays, comics, paintings, sculptures, photography, sketches, graphic design, typography and music. 

According to senior professional writing major and soliciting editor Kaila Young, Vol. 22 of the York Review is expected to release January 2016. Until then, the York Review staff will continue to work hard until the new volume is ready for print.

Want to submit? Send submissions to

For inquiries, e-mail Kaila Young or Lizz Dawson

For past volumes, contact Travis Kurowski


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