Enactus at First Friday in York

By Lauren Bupp

Oct. 2 was the traditional First Friday in downtown York, and despite the weather conditions of rain and low temperatures, the events preceded.

Enactus, a volunteer group on campus that works with the community and builds professionalism, held a scavenger hunt throughout different shops around the Central Market area in downtown.

The scavenger hunt was meant to get students to visit shops around York and get involved in First Friday. The York College in the City Team leader and organizer of the event, Tanvir Hossain said, “I grew up in York and wanted the students in YCP to know that there are things to do here. The whole “York College in the City” team wanted the students to get to know the city.”

About 12 different shops, ranging from restaurants to clothing stores, participated in the scavenger hunt. Stores included were My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe Consignment Store and Baron Von Schwein, a restaurant that began as a food truck.

The students who participated got a map of the shops on the scavenger hunt. When they visited a store, they received a ticket that would be used in a raffle to win prizes such as gift baskets filled with York College gear. Students received more tickets if they purchased something from the store.

The event lasted from 5:30- 7:30 p.m., and the drawing of the raffle was at 7:30 p.m. inside the Central Market. “The weather wasn’t the best and the event turned out okay, but there is always room for improvement,” said Hossain.  “We have already started planning for a similar event in March that will be in the city.”


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