York College responds to student complaints with new turnstile system

By Haley Keller

Over the years, many York College students have been faced with the inconvenience of arriving at the campus entrance on Springettsbury Avenue, only to find that the gate has been closed and locked.

Many students have attempted alternate ways of getting around the fence, such as walking down to the campus entrance at Newberry Street or trying to climb over the fence.

The gate would usually be open during the day and allowed students easy access to and from off-campus housing. The downside: a Campus Safety officer would have to close this gate every night, cutting off the easy access.

Over the past few weeks, the college has been working to fix this issue by installing a new turnstile system. The turnstile allows students and faculty to use their ID cards to swipe in and out at any time of the day.

The college believes that installing this new system would achieve a balance between campus security and convenience for the staff and students.

“Now the gate will remain secured 24 hours a day, while allowing our campus community to pass through at any time,” Campus Safety said to students in an e-mail.

The system has been fully operational since Sept. 21 and has not had any significant drawbacks yet. However, Ryan Smith, a York College student had an issue. “It is kind of a pain to have to pull out my ID every time I’m coming and going,” Smith said.


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