First Open Mic Night of the semester draws large crowd

By Emily Rosado

Three weekends ago, students gathered in Spart’s Den on Friday night for Open Mic Night and waited to either share or hear the talent that York students have to offer. Performers ranged from poets and rappers to rubik’s cube competitors. This Open Mic Night was the first of the year and, as usual, was the most popular.

“I think this is the most popular one because people are curious about what the freshmen will bring that is new, and it’s the time for all of the regulars to get back into performing,” says a spectator. People filed in and greeted the familiar faces. The newcomers all sat together in smaller groups. The event was about ready to start as refreshments were put out.

A few new performers opened the show and were supported by friends. The room erupted in applause after each performer. “We don’t want people to feel like they can’t perform because they are new, and I like to think of each open mic as a safe place for people to at least try and get on stage and do something that they like,” said a veteran attendee who did not wish to be named. One can only hope that the safe feeling doesn’t go away for the next Open Mic Night.

Campus Activities Board has an Open Mic Night scheduled for November 20th, 2015.


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