The York Review

YORK, PA. — York College’s student-run literary magazine, The York Review, is looking to highlight their digital online presence and host live events. For more than 30 years, The York Review has collected literature, fine art, and photography from York College’s student body. Since the magazine’s inception, The York Review’s goal has been to provide a platform for the voice that the works of art … Continue reading The York Review


York College and The Health Wagon: a Partnership to Save Lives

By Alissa Pruitt | Imagine being awakened at 3 a.m with a splitting headache. You woozily leave the warmth of your bed and flip on the light of the bathroom to open the medicine cabinet on the wall. With blurred vision you rely on your hands to find the Advil all the way in the back right corner where you usually keep it. Wishing to alleviate the … Continue reading York College and The Health Wagon: a Partnership to Save Lives


Club Corner: Philosophy Club

By Jay Yeaple | The student body of York College provides a wide range of clubs encompassing topics in the humanities. One such group, the YCP Philosophy Club, serves as yet another outlet for students to meet others with similar interests. This club was made official during the spring semester of 2015, although its founding members unofficially met to discuss philosophical topics for a year and a half prior to … Continue reading Club Corner: Philosophy Club


Student Senate Executive Board and General Members Elected

By Sarah Rifield, Andrey Romanov | April 8 ended the election for the next year’s Executive Board of Student Senate. The elections were in process from April 5 to 8. According to 2015-2016 Student Senate President Jason Keller, the total fifteen candidates running was record breaking. Elections concluded with a renewed enthusiasm in the electoral process, record-high voter turnout of 1,015 according to Student Senate, and a … Continue reading Student Senate Executive Board and General Members Elected


Students offer passport to medical volunteer tourism

By Kendra Jones | Senior students taking a public relations campaigns class shared their knowledge on medical volunteer tourism as they spoke to York College students and community members on April 21. Health wagon, a non-profit organization that serves in six counties in southwestern Virginia, focusing on helping those with medical needs, served as a topic for the class and was presented to York College. In the Appalachian Mountains, … Continue reading Students offer passport to medical volunteer tourism


Alumni reminisce on York College experience

By Sarah Rifield | From York Collegiate Institute’s founding in 1787, to becoming York Junior College in 1941, to York College of Pennsylvania in 1968, the College has had a rich history. Celebrating its 75th anniversary during the last week of March, the school sponsored a variety of activities including a Founder’s Day Trivia Night, a re-enactment of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal speech, and an Alumni’s lunch. When speaking to … Continue reading Alumni reminisce on York College experience


E-board Elected, Now General Senate Elections

The results were released on April 8th, concluding the campaigning season for those aspiring to be on the Executive Board of Student Senate for 2016-2017. President: Abhi Kudaravalli Vice President: Thomas Gaudet VP of CAB: Alex Iula VP of Organizational Development: Amanda Stagg Treasurer: Joseph Salerno This week is the General Senate Elections. Polls will close on Friday, April 15, at 5 p.m. To vote … Continue reading E-board Elected, Now General Senate Elections


Student Senate Debate Recap

By Sarah Rifield, Andrey Romanov Tuesday’s debate of candidates for Student Senate Executive Board which took place in Spart’s Den kicked off this year’s Student Senate election season. The turnout for the event was an impressive: sixty to seventy people, leaving the event, standing room only. Candidates for five positions including Treasurer, Vice President of Campus Activities Board, Vice President of Organizational Development, Vice President, … Continue reading Student Senate Debate Recap


Steven Brikowski: Interview

My name is Steve Brikowski, I am a political science major with a legal studies minor. I was the Editor-in-Chief of The Spartan Newspaper, Parliamentarian of the Student Senate, elected twice as a general senator and a general member of the Campus Activities Board. Why are you running for Student Senate? What prompted you to want to occupy, arguably, the highest office for a student at … Continue reading Steven Brikowski: Interview